I have relentlessly pursued a call to ministry for 15 years.  I decided very early in my ministry that I wanted to receive the highest possible education in the interpretation of the New Testament.  My resume reflects this effort: you will see my academic journey from Wayland Baptist University (religious education and basic ministry training) to Southwestern Seminary (foreign languages only) and finally Brite Divinity School (Ph.D.). Because of this focus, you will see that I have  limited experience in congregational ministry: two as a youth minister, but I have an additional three years experience in serving local churches as a supply preacher and music minster.

It has always been my intention to serve as pastor in a local church, fully applying my experience and training.  While working on my Ph.D. at Brite, I served the church in a different capacity.  For the past nine years, I helped pastors and churches raise money for major projects such as building and debt retirement.  I also published an academic article and two book reviews while working on my dissertation, which will be published in two volumes.

At this point in my ministry, I am transitioning from part-time to full-time service.  I have finished my training and desire to fulfill my calling as a senior pastor.  If possible, I will teach New Testament part-time at a local college or university, occasionally publish papers in academic journals, and enrich ministry skills by attending conferences and fostering good connections with area ministers.