On this page I will provide links to causes that I support, in no particular order.

http://www.freethechildren.com/ – This is worth checking out… it’s founding is an incredible story and the charity is a journey of hope and freedom.

www.toms.com – Tom’s Shoes.  For every pair of shoes you buy, Tom’s gives away a pair to folks who need it most.

http://www.gregmortenson.com – Greg Mortenson has an incredible life story.  His mission is building schools in Pakistan.

http://globalmojo.com/home – Now this is awesome.  You can divert money to charity just by browsing the web.  Incredible idea.

http://www.worldvisionmicro.org – World Vision Micro Loans.  You make a small loan [$25 and up] to a woman, usually in the Congo, so she can start a business.  You get your money back with some interest, and help African infrastructure.  Regular folks can do this.

www.SeventhGeneration.com – These folks make environment-friendly cleaning supplies and other necessities.  Very cool owners.

http://www.itsyourworld.org – World Affairs Council.  Ever want to meet an ambassador from another country?  This gives you an outlet to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world.

http://www.npr.org/ –  National Public Radio. Best news organization in the world.