Graduation from Brite Divinity School – May 12, 2012


I have added a writing sample, updated resumes, and three annotated bibliographies from my coursework.  It’s amazing to look back at those papers and see how much the dissertation improved my research and writing.

Thanks to my reader!

Thanks to the excellent guidance of my advisor, Dr. Warren Carter, the defense went smoothly.

Only six more days. I’ve been studying hard and the entire dissertation is fresh on my mind. It is exhausting to hold all of this information, but hopefully this preparation will make the defense go as smoothly as possible.

On the bright side – my advisor thinks that I can publish the dissertation in two volumes, which is very cool. One volume on the history of women in philosophy and another volume on applying that information to reading 1 Corinthians. That’s encouraging.

This process has been incredibly long – I finished it in December, revised it until March 20, defend on April 16.

I presume that I’ll take a month or two off and then revise for publication.